321 Miles for 321 Smiles

The 321 Miles Project

Welcome! Thank you for reading about our journey! We are Andrew and Kara, and on 3.21.2017, in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day, we will begin a 321 mile journey with a very special purpose –  to promote awareness about Down syndrome (Ds).  We are calling our journey 321 Miles for 321 Smiles!

We are dedicating each mile that we walk to a person who has Down syndrome.

Mile #1 – Parker

321 Smiles

All of the miles that we walk will be dedicated to a person who has Down syndrome. You can view those who are a part of our journey by checking out the 321 Smiles Photo Gallery.

Mile #173 – Sophia



Become a Smile Sponsor

We are hoping to have each of our 321 dedicated miles “sponsored.”  Please help us on our journey by sponsoring a mile.  A Smile Sponsor is someone who believes in our cause and wants to help us raise awareness about Down syndrome. You can sponsor a mile for as little as $10. Any and all donations are appreciated – it is more about the act of showing your support than the donation amount itself.



The Significance of 321 Miles

There is a special meaning behind our 321 mile journey. Learn more about the significance behind the number 321.



Learn About Down Syndrome

A collection of resources, links and videos aimed at providing information about Down Syndrome.

Mile #125 – Adia



Come Walk With Us

We will start our 321 mile adventure beginning on March 21, 2017 and will finish on June 30, 2017. Many people have asked us if they can walk with us.  We’d love to have others join in on our quest to raise awareness so we have created a schedule of planned public walks. Come show your support and join us!

Our Partner

All donations will go to the Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan, a local non-profit 501 (c)(3)organization. The DSGSEMI provides support, resources and advocacy with the aim of increasing awareness and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and caregivers.



10 thoughts on “321 Miles for 321 Smiles”

  1. Wow mommy!!!! You and dad are so brave! Just want to honor you in this. My heart goes out to you! Jensen will never be forgotten….he came here for a reason and a purpose! I would love if you would walk one mile for my daughter Yeva Tenten….we are from South Africa. She open heart surgery in March 2016 and was released on International DS Day….21st of March 2016. Our hear warrior-princess! Thank you for raising awareness, thank you for sharing your story and thank you for sharing Jensen! Be blessed and be a blessing, Mommy Berdien and Princess Yeva

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  2. Wow! Bless you for taking such a hard and difficult time in your lives and turning it around for good! We completely agree with everything you said in your blog. We too were given many misconceptions when we were told our son had DS early on in my pregnancy in 2010. So many terminate their babies with DS just because of a Drs. misconception and urge to terminate. Our Caleb blessed our lives for 414 days! We did not know what to do with ourselves either! We went on to adopt a boy from Taiwan because of all that Caleb taught and blessed us with in that short time. I look forward to following your journey on FB, so please keep us updated! Please know you are loved and prayed for from across the miles. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
    John & Joanna G

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    1. Hi John & Joanna G – thank you so much for sharing your story also. I know Caleb has blessed your life in so many ways. I tell others that even though Jensen isn’t here, my life is better because of him – regardless of all of the pain I feel every single day – his life has taught me so much more. I am so proud to be his mommy, and I know you are so proud to be Caleb’s mommy too. I like to think our children would be proud of us too.

      I am also inspired by your adoption story as a result of losing your Caleb. That is so amazing, and amazing isn’t even the right word.

      Thank you for your kind words, love and support.

      With much love,
      Kara & Andy


  3. Hi Kara,
    You already know how awsome I think you and your husband are…I just keep looking around and finding more places to tell you…Y’ALL ARE AWSOME! Our grandson Christmas Colby, who was born with Down syndrome…and survived 5 heart proceedures has begun to watch your journey with me and yesterday gave you two thumbs up…that’s one more than I have ever gotten.
    Much Love,

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    1. Hi Dionna,

      Thank you so much for your kind message. It just made my day reading it 🙂 We appreciate your support! Please extend our thanks to your awesome grandson Christmas Colby! Let him know we are giving him four thumbs up back at him! ❤ Kara & Andy


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